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Within, the firelight's ruddy glow
The magic words shall hold thee fast.
I love to make new friends; nothing makes me happier. If you like anything that I like (animanga, tv shows, chocolate, green, reading, music, languages, graphic design), why don't you dump me a message over at the comment box?

If we don't share any noticeable common ground, fair enough. Just slip something into my comment box and let's see what we can figure out. I love controversy, so I'd love you all the same. A little quid pro quo might be in order, hmm?♥

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Totoro ▨ zaganuk
13th-Jun-2010 02:11 pm - Who am I? That is the question
Who am I?

If you have stumbled upon this journal by accident and are wondering who shattered_prose is, this block of text shall, hopefully, clarify everything. shattered_prose is actually a fifteen-year old girl named Josephine irl. She doesn't mind being called Jos, Jo, J, Phine, just as long as it is not 'Jose', because she has a certain pet-peeve against that nickname. Online she is ordinarily referred to as 'Mii', simply because it is an abbrieviation of 'Midori', her favourite colour.

That's right. Green is her favourite colour. Literally everything she owns is green -- her laptop, her pen drives, her pencil case + stationery, her plushies ... the list goes on. While she is not insisting on painting everything green, she is busy gorging on chocolate, her second obsession. As a matter of fact, her taste buds have grown so accustomed to that particular dessert that it has developed into a highly-efficient chocolate-sorting factory. She can tell, within the first few milliseconds of the first taste, the approximate percentage of dark cocoa content in the chocolate, how expensive it is, and whether or not it is worth the buy.

Where do I come from?

That particular question is one that gets asked semi-daily, and unfortunately, it ensues a rather complicated answer. shattered_prose is proudly multicultural, a third culture kid, as one would fondly say. Born in Jakarta, Indonesia and raised in Malaysia, she is of Indonesian-HKer descent. Her mother is quintessentially Indonesian, born & bred in the lovely island of Bangka, while her father was born in GuangDong, emigrating to Hong Kong for the major bulk of his childhood years. Due to the riots of 1998, she relocated to Malaysia where she currently resides.

What do I speak?

It should come as no surprise that shattered_prose is an ardent lover of languages. Although being far from a linguist, she has attempted to hone her linguistic skills and challenge herself to speak more languages as best as she can. Having taught herself Japanese for a year at the age of 12, she is now fairly conversant in the language. She adores expressing herself in different ways, and isn't afraid to make a fool of herself. Her current mission is fluent Spanish, a goal she hopes will come true in the near future.

She is bilingual in English and Indonesian, and is able to converse in Bangka, her mother's dialect. She has a reasonably solid understanding of spoken Mandarin and both spoken + written Japanese. Do not hesitate to type your comments in Spanish, Japanese, Indonesian or English, for she loves trying to type back in those languages.

One day, she hopes to speak at least six languages (she has hand-picked them already, but does not want to type it out so as to jinx her dream.)
Totoro ▨ zaganuk
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